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Information for Observing Students & Health Professionals

Please note: due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all of our drop-ins are currently suspended. 

Download the information on this page as a poster.

1:1 Consultations (via Zoom)

We have some capacity for student observers in our 1:1 consultations. Session times may only be set shortly before the session happens, in response to incoming Help Requests from families. Some families choose not to have an observer at their consultation. The more flexible you can be about timing, and the more quickly you can respond to messages, the more likely we are to be able to accommodate you! You can download Zoom for free and read more about our services during the Covid-19 pandemic. Complete this form to register your interest. 

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Virtual Antenatal Sessions

These occur fortnightly, on Tuesday and Sunday mornings, 10-11am using Zoom. We have capacity for several student observers per session. You can download Zoom for free and read more about our Antental SessionsComplete this form to register your interest.

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Facebook group

Most of our breastfeeding support happens in our private, women-only Facebook group. You are welcome to join this as an observer during your course, to learn about interactions between group members, the OBS team, volunteers and each other.

You will be asked three questions when you request to join; if you make it clear that you are a student in a related discipline, we will add you to the group. We request that you don't post, unless you have checked with an Admin first. We also ask you not to identify yourself as a student. If you are or have been a breastfeeding mother, you are of course welcome to join the group as a service user.

Note for Student Midwives

Unlike the hospital breastfeeding drop-ins, women and their supporters can come at any stage of pregnancy or lactation, or post-weaning, if they want to work through their experience after breastfeeding has ended. This means that there is a much wider range of baby ages, including many who are well beyond the midwifery remit; for example parents often come for information about starting solid foods or returning to work.  If you would like to extend your learning to include breastfeeding beyond the early weeks, you might find our Recommended Resources useful. We share this with parents at our Drop-ins, marking items that we think would be useful specifically for them.

Facilitator Contact Information

Click to email the facilitator of the drop-in you are interested in attending.

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