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OBS is here to help!

Plenty of 1:1 help appointments are available for urgent or complex feeding issues  is running as usual on Thursday at 12.30 for feeding & social support, with themed breakout rooms in June and July.

1:1 Help

While our face-to-face drop-ins are suspended, OBS Facilitators are providing FREE 1 to 1 support by video or phone for more complex feeding issues. The first step is submitting a Help Request.

OBS Virtual Support

OBS Group Support

We run a group support session every Thursday afternoon where you can get support from our specialist facilitators, trained volunteers and other mothers. See our OBS Group page for details and the link to register.

Image: a smiling baby. Text: OBS Group, Thursdays 12:30-1:30 pm on Zoom. Meet other breastfeeding parents and find 1:1 support with our specialist team

OBS Facebook group

The quickest way to get support from OBS is in our friendly, private Facebook group, which is closely moderated by our team.

Image: screengrab of the OBS Facebook group show highlighting the topic and post anonymously features. Text: Did you know that on our Facebook group you can... Search for threads on common topics? Post anonymously?

Online Antenatal Sessions

Please see our Antenatal Sessions page for details and the link to register. You can say which date you prefer when you register.

OBS Online Antenatal Sessions


What we do

Oxfordshire Breastfeeding Support provides local breastfeeding support in the community via 1:1 virtual support, virtual group support and antenatal breastfeeding education sessions for Oxfordshire families, facilitated by experienced IBCLCs and breastfeeding support workers, and supported by trained volunteers. We also run a friendly private Facebook group were you can quickly find support. 

You can read about what to expect and how we've helped local families. Hope to see you soon! And hope to see you in person again before long. 


Breastfeeding mother and baby sitting with OBS facilitator