Breastfeeding Resources for Parents

Recommended Resources - a list of external resources we have been curating for many years

Parent Leaflet for Slow-growing Babies

OBS Leaflet on Increasing Your Milk Supply

OBS Resources on Breastfeeding and SleepIncluding the OBS Leaflet on Normal Newborn Sleep and the OBS Leaflet on Sleep At 4 Months

OBS Resources on Breastfeeding and Mental Health,  Including the OBS Leaflet on Breastfeeding Grief and Trauma

Image: a mother sleeping on a bed next to her newborn in side sleeper cot. Text: See our leaflet on normal newborn sleep Image: a baby sleeping on its back. Text: Babies often start waking more at night around 4 mos. What's changed? See our leaflet Slelep At 4 Months Image: A parent holding their older baby tightly against their shoulder with mountains in the background.Text: Breastfeeding Grief and Trauma. When breastfeeding does not go as we had expected or hoped, it can come as a huge shock and have a profound emotional effect

Last updated November 2021

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