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OBS Group

Got breastfeeding problems? Feeling lonely? Not sure if you need a 1:1 helping appointment with a facilitator?

During lockdown our team has missed the interactions with and between families at our drop-ins and we realised the value offering a weekly group support session.

OBS Group is 
a weekly virtual support group using Zoom on Thursdays from 12:30 to 1:30 pm. 

One to one support is often available in a breakout room. Please note that you may spend part of the time in a Zoom breakout room with OBS volunteers, without an OBS facilitator present. If you want to speak to a facilitator, you can ask for this during the session, or request a 1:1 consultation at another time with a member of the facilitator team. 

To register click on the button below. When we confirm your place we will send you a video link and ask that you join the meeting promptly at 12:30 pm. 

Register for OBS Group

OBS Group

Some weeks there is breakout room on a specific topic. Register using the same button above. Our upcoming sessions are:

4 February - what happens to sleep around 4 months

25 February - complementary foods

18 March - sleep for 6-12 month olds

OBS Group breakout room on complimentary foods

OBS Group Breakout Room on Sleep

updated January 2021

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