Breastfeeding Resources for Parents

Recommended Resources - a list of external resources we have been curating for many years

Parent Leaflet for Slow-growing Babies

OBS Leaflet on Increasing Your Milk Supply

OBS Resources on Breastfeeding and SleepIncluding the OBS Leaflet on Normal Newborn Sleep summary version and full version

OBS Resources on Breastfeeding and Mental Health,  Including the OBS Leaflet on Breastfeeding Grief and Trauma

Image: a mother sleeping on a bed next to her newborn in side sleeper cot. Text: See our leaflet on normal newborn sleep

Image: A parent holding their older baby tightly against their shoulder with mountains in the background.Text: Breastfeeding Grief and Trauma. When breastfeeding does not go as we had expected or hoped, it can come as a huge shock and have a profound emotional effect

Last updated May 2021

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